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Fatal Accident Claims in Canada Janis McAfee, Robert Smith June 2020
Vicarious Liability for Sexual Abuse Janis McAfee, Robert Smith September 2018
Medical Malpractice Lorne Folick, Cecilia Hoover, Morgan Martin, Amelia Staunton August 2017
Dr.Who? Key concern in Non-Physician Medical Malpractice in Canada Lorne Folick, Morgan Martin April 2017
Cyber Risk: Current Landscape of Personal Information and Privacy Liability in Canada Jill Shore May 2016 cyber liability, data breach, PIPEDA, CASL, anti-spam, privacy, Digital Privacy Act, notice
Current Landscape of Personal Information and Privacy Liability in Canada Eric Dolden , Jill Shore , Paul Dawson , February 2016 cyber liability, data breach, PIPEDA, CASL, anti-spam, privacy, Digital Privacy Act, notice
Waivers – Managing Your Risk Steven Wallace , Matthew Bujar November 2015 waivers, personal injury, sport recreation, tort
Practical and Substantive Aspects of Subrogation Eric Dolden , Dan Richardson September 2015 property insurance, subrogation, insurance
The Application of the General Liability Policy Exclusions in the Construction Setting Eric Dolden , Andrew Breen August 2015 commercial general liability, CGL, coverage, insurance, additional insured, exclusions, your work, your product, construction
The Role of Fortuity in Builders’ All Risk Policies Eric Dolden , Paul Dawson August 2015 builders risk, course of construction, all risks, coverage, exclusions, insurance, fortuity, externality
Professional Liability for Dentists in Canada Eric A. Dolden , Colleen O’Neill July 2015 E&O, errors and omissions, professional liability, dentists, dental, dentistry, medical malpractice, risk management
Extricating Yourself from Multi-Party Litigation and the Effectiveness of Contractual Releases Steve Wallace , Scott Baldwin  June 2015 practice, joint and several liability, settlement, tort, releases, BC Ferries agreements, Pierringer, Mary Carter
Legal Liability for Financial Advisors in Canada Eric Dolden , Tom Newnham  June 2015 E&O, errors and omissions, investment advisors, financial advisors, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, professional liability
Civil Liability of Commercial Providers of Alcohol Lorne Folick , Matthew Bujar  May 2015 liquor liability, commercial host, tort, personal injury, host liability
Information Protection and Privacy Legislation in Canada Jill M. Shore , Paul C. Dawson November 2014 privacy, information, technology, data breach, PIPEDA
The Calculation of Damages for Bodily Injury Claims Brent Rentiers July 2014 personal injury, tort, damages, health care costs
EPL and EPL insurance coverage in Canada Eric A. Dolden , Shelly Armstrong June 2014 employment practices liability, EPL
Home Warranty Claims and Coverage Under Builder’s CGL Policy Brian Rhodes , Shelley Armstrong May 2014 new home warranty, commercial general liability, insurance, contractor, builder
Privilege: When are Communications Confidential? Michael Libby May 2014 privilege, settlement, waiver, practice
An Overview of Strata Property Issues in British Columbia May 2013 strata, condominiums, insurance, property, limitation periods
Sport Liability Law September 2012 personal injury, sports, recreation, tort
The Scope of Coverage Afforded to Additional Insureds in Canada April 2012 commercial general liability, insurance, CGL, additional insured
Enforcing Mandatory Rehabilitation Clauses Janis McAfee October 2011 disability insurance, personal injury, mitigation
Indivisible Injuries Amelia J. Staunton February 2011 personal injury, tort, negligence, apportionment, Athey, damages
Liquor Liability Lorne Folick January 2011 liquor liability, commercial host, occupiers liability, personal injury, host liability
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance – the Basics September 2010 D&O, directors and officers liability, insurance, EPL, employment practices liability, securities, class actions, coverage
Watching the Watchers Fiduciary Liability and Private Pension Plans Eric A. Dolden January 2009 professional liability, fiduciary, pensions, insurance, coverage
New Alberta and British Columbia Insurance Acts November 2008 property insurance, insurance, Alberta, British Columbia
An Overview of Primary and Excess Coverage Issues for Claims Examiners Eric Dolden September 2008 insurance, excess insurance, coverage
Small Claims Court Jurisdiction April 2008 practice, British Columbia, civil procedure, Small Claims Court, rules
Social Justice and Why ADR is Preferable on the Majority of Files Brian Rhodes April 2008 practice, ADR, alternative dispute resolution, settlement, mediation
Entity Coverage For Securities Claims Under A D & O Policy Eric A. Dolden September 2007 D&O, directors and officers liability, insurance, securities, class actions, coverage
Contributory Negligence Michael Libby June 2007 practice, negligence, apportionment, joint and several liability, Negligence Act, contributory negligence
Determining Coverage under a Liability Policy June 2007 CGL, commercial general liability, insurance, coverage, E&O, errors and omissions
Recent Developments in the Law Relating to Changes Material to the Risk Eric A. Dolden June 2007 property insurance, insurance, coverage
The Bad Faith Doctrine as Applied to First Party and Third Party Claims Lorne Folick June 2007 commercial general liability, CGL, insurance, bad faith, coverage, property insurance
Canadian Securities Class Actions April 2007 D&O, directors and officers liability, insurance, securities, class
The New IBC Commerical General Liability Policy December 2006 insurance, commercial general liability, CGL
Developments in the Law of Professional Liability September 2006 E&O, errors and omissions, tort, negligent misrepresentation, professional liability
‘Claims Made’ and ‘Claims Made and Reported’ Policies in Canada June 2006 E&O, errors and omissions, insurance, claims made, professional liability
Loss Prevention in the Retail Setting June 2006 tort, wrongful imprisonment, occupiers liability, risk management
Typical Issues in Errors and Omissions Claims  June 2006 E&O, errors and omissions, insurance, professional liability
Gazing into the Crystal Ball Eric A. Dolden September 2005 personal injury, tort, damages, loss of future income, loss of earning capacity
The Measure of Tort Damages for the Loss of a Building  July 2005 tort, negligence, nuisance, damages
Concurrent Causes of a Loss Steve Wallace February 2005 commercial general liability, CGL, personal injury, motor vehicle insurance, insurance, coverage
Coverage for a Named Insured or Additional Insured Eric Dolden February 2005 commercial general liability, CGL, insurance, coverage, additional insured, partnership, joint venture
Environmental Liability February 2005 environment, pollution, insurance
The Expansion of Derivative Claims Since Scalera February 2005 tort, insurance, commercial general liability, CGL
Legal Aspects of Occupiers Liability – An Adjuster’s Guide Janis McAfee June 2004 occupiers liability, adjusters, tort, personal injury
The Advertising Injury Endorsement in the CGL Responds to “Business Tort” Actions June 2004 insurance, advertising injury, exclusions, coverage,
Emerging Trends in Canadian Directors and Officers Liability – Coverage and Substantive Eric A. Dolden October 2003 D&O, directors and officers liability, insurance, coverage
Limitation Periods for First Party Property Losses October 2003 property insurance, limitation period, insurance, proof of loss
The Obligations of Ship Masters and Seaplane Pilots February 2003 personal injury, maritime, marine, shipping, aviation, tort
Coverage Driven Solutions in Multi-Party Litigation January 2003 insurance, coverage, BC Ferries agreements, joint and several liability, Negligence Act, settlement, apportionment
Insuring E-Commerce Exposures January 2003 cyber liability, insurance, privacy
Mould – First Party Property and Third Party Liability Issues Facing Canadian Insurers Eric A. Dolden January 2003 insurance, mold, property insurance
The Interaction of ‘Other Insurance’ Clauses in General Liability Policies October 2002 commercial general liability, CGL, insurance, E&O, errors and omissions, construction, other insurance, exclusions, allocation, defence costs
Damages for Sexual Abuse Claims and Other Recent Developments September 2002 sexual abuse, tort, personal injury, damages
Risk Management Strategies for Preventing Sexual Abuse Claims May 2002 sexual abuse, tort, personal injury, risk management
The Potential Convergence of the D&O Policy May 2002 directors and officers liability, insurance, CGL, commercial general liability, coverage, property insurance, D&O
The Insurer’s Remedies on First Party Property Losses November 2001 property insurance, misrepresentation
Handling “Cross-Border” D&O and EPL Claims Eric A. Dolden July 2001 D&O, directors and officers liability, EPL, employment practices liability, United States, insurance

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