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Our firm is regularly retained by errors and omissions insurers to defend a wide range of professionals. Historically, we have acted for classes of professionals including architects, engineers, accountants, actuaries, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, and private health care professionals including dentists and surgical eye care clinics. As the number of occupations requiring E&O coverage expands (as per the 2006 IBC CGL “professional liability exclusion”) so does the range of professionals we defend.

(a) Architects

Even as program insurers change we continue to act for architects in British Columbia. Our experience has included the defence of architects in respect of water ingress claims, delay claims, improper estimates and budgeting, inadequate field reviews, improper certification of draws, monetary and time restrictions on suing and a host of other problems that architects can encounter.

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(b) Engineers

Our firm has acted for a wide range of structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers that encounter problems both during and following the completion of construction. This experience has arisen both in the context of the current “leaky condo” problems and in other settings including settlement cases, inadequate soils cases and B.C. Building Code compliance problems.

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(c) Mortgage Brokers

For over a decade we have acted for various broker sponsored programs for mortgage brokers and in that capacity have defended mortgage brokers confronting claims over conflict of interest, “failure to advance” funds, and lack of due diligence on mortgage funding.

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(d) Health Care Professionals

Through various programs maintained by wholesale brokers we have defended a wide range of private sector health professionals including dentists, eye surgery clinics, private IME/X-ray clinics, holistic medical clinics and private care retirement facilities. In addition, we have acted for one of the largest Canadian insurers of the manufacturers of medical appliances that can give rise to patient claims.

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(e) Insurance Brokers

We currently act for several E&O insurers that specialize in E&O coverage for brokers. The fact that our firm confines its practice to insurance law ensures that we have a wide ranging understanding of the insurance issues that so frequently give rise to claims against insurance brokers. We consider this to be a valuable asset in solving broker claims in a timely and cost effective manner.

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